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6 Ayurvedic Tips for Spring

The theme of this season is "Let it go, let it flow" as we transition from Winter to Spring.


Welcome Spring, a month that typically includes both frigid winter weather and glimpses of sunny warmth. It may snow one day, rain the next, and then suddenly feels like summer. March and April are transitional months with a reputation for bringing the frenetic energy of a seasonal shift. Winter is taking a turn towards the light, gentleness of Spring.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, the earth begins to fertilize its landscape to accommodate new life. The frozen ground starts to give, water runs freely, and fresh sprouts of green start to grow towards the Sun.

It's a beautiful time to observe nature and observe ourselves. But any time of transition comes with challenges, and Ayurveda notes that the change of seasons is a common time of dis-ease. In March, the movement energy of Vata and the cohesive, stable energy of Kapha are clashing. Come April, the weather can be quite damp. As in nature, this contrasting energy is encouraging us to break free from our period of hibernation and to stretch towards the Sun. It asks us to stand up tall like the trees, soak up the spring showers, grow our branches and lighten up.

Have you sensed this shift taking place? Your digestion could be a bit off or your appetite might have dulled. Dry winter skin may start to feel puffy as tissues absorb more water. Colds, sinus issues, and signs of allergies may surface. You might feel extra tired or emotionally challenged. All of these are common imbalances in March & April.

So, how can we align and regain balance?

Start with awareness. Finding alignment begins with paying attention to how you feel and what is shifting this season. Here are 6 tips for helping you observe and align in March & April:

1. Sip Warm Water or Tea

An easy way to keep your energy flowing and prevent toxic build-up is to sip warm water throughout the day. Ayurveda encourages the use of herbs in your water creating a tea that is infused with the power of plants. Calm & Peace Tulsi (Holy Basil) Tea is a wonderful tea for spring to help clear excess fluid and congestion.

2. Try a Gentle Cleanse

A cleanse does not have to be extreme to be effective. Since it is still early in the season, try an easy, gentle cleanse instead of a full on detox. Take several days to integrate your warm water or tea ritual, and combine it with a gentle morning stretch and eating only cooked whole foods. Our Cumin, Coriander & Fennel Tea is made to help the body gently detox. Try drinking it before, during and/or after meals. Try our DETOX Bundle.

3. Check-in on Your Food

Notice if your appetite has changed, and listen to your body. Your body may be asking you to eat lighter now and lessen the heavier, oiler, "comfort foods” you enjoyed through winter. Not sure what food is in season? Farmers’ markets are popping up with all the fresh greens and seasonal veggies to bring you into balance with nature, so check out your local markets for inspiration.

4. Move Your Body

This is a time that the body naturally wants to "lighten up" just like the world around us, but this is where you might also feel the resistance, or stickiness of Kapha at odds. Keep it simple, add a walk to your day or try a new gentle yoga class. Getting your body and breath moving will get your insides moving, facilitating the Spring Cleanse that your body is craving.

5. Cook with Healthy Spices

Spices are an excellent way to keep a strong immune system, so spice up your March meals. Our Golden Milk & Masala Chai blends (available as a bundle), which feature spices such as turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, & black pepper, will help you stay warm and balanced in this transitional month.

6. Sleep Long & Well

Make sure to get enough sleep and allow your body to recalibrate for the new season. Ample sleep is always important, but especially when you are going through a time of cleansing, as is natural in Spring. Ayurveda suggests going to bed by 10 p.m. and getting up before the sun, but see what works for you and make it a routine. Refer to tip #1 and have a warm cuppa tea before bed to help calm your mind and ease into a deep restful sleep.



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