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5 Ways to Ground Yourself in Gratitude

Wherever you are right now, come to the present moment with a slow, gentle inhale and a long, letting-go exhale. 🤍 Ahhhh...

The next couple of months, sprinkled with holidays, can be a challenging, beautiful, crazy, joyful time. Just one moment of peace and presence can help you stay rooted in gratitude for what is here and now, in this moment.

Enjoy a pause with the 5 prompts below,

and then ~with presence~ explore this season's

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woman and husky sharing a moment of love and tea

1. Look Around

What are you seeing all around you at this moment? Observe your space and environment. What brings you joy in this moment?

tea kettle on the stove

2. What Can You Hear?

Pause and listen. What sounds are close to you? What is the farthest sound you can hear? Try observing two sounds at once. Let go of figuring out answers to the "who, what why, and from where" questions. Just be with the sounds.

crunchy vibrant fall leaves

3. A Sense of Touch

Where are you seated, what are you walking on, and what are the sensations created by the texture of your clothes and your surroundings?

lemon and honey

4. Take In The Aromas

Draw a deep breath in through the nose, and out through the nose. Enjoy a few more deep breaths. What smells register strongly? Faintly?

woman sipping a cup of warm tea

5. Savor The Flavors

Slowly bring the rim of your favorite mug to your lips, and breathe in the aroma. Feel the warmth in your hands and curl your lips into a smile. Take a sip of your favorite DelighTeas and give thanks.


Get tea, Gift tea

Find a cup of tea that wakes up your senses, and consider giving the gift of well-being to your friends and family this season while supporting a woman-owned, small business.

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