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The Original Mini Cookies are BACK!

We are SO excited to officially re-introduce an

A&I Nutreats Original in BRAND NEW light...

Drumroll, please...

Meet DelighTeas Bites

Gluten-free, vegan, delicious mini cookies.

DelighTeas Bites Mini Cookie Packaging in Carob Chai and Golden Vanilla Sesame

The Backstory

A&I Nutreats actually began with baked goods. Long time customers may remember them; they were tasty little bites that I made by hand and sold in local Hoboken, New Jersey grocery stores and my online shop. I had set out on a mission to create healthy, quality, affordable snacks that also tasted amazing because I couldn't find anything like it in stores. Top quality ingredients has always been my very first priority, and being inspired by the healing wisdom of Ayurveda, I used signature spices and organic, low glycemic sweetener to create delicious bite-sized cookies.

And, they were a hit! Kids and adults alike loved these guilt-free cookies.

Here's an old picture of the original packaging:

Alongside these baked goods, we also started to sell our Ayurvedic Herbal Teas.

A perfect compliment to one another.

Why we paused...

A couple of years ago, my family and business moved to Austin, TX. This move, along with keeping up with the growing demands of the herbal tea business, meant that I need to put my cookies on hold until I could re-establish the cookie-making process with the same premium, homemade quality.

Well, my friends, after many months of planning, prepping, baking, and perfecting, the moment is finally here, and I am SO excited to bring them back for you!


DelighTeas Bites has officially re-launched on our site in two flavors and two sizes: Sesame Vanilla Almond & Carob Chai. Made with our signature Golden Milk and Masala Chai spice blends, respectively, DelighTeas Bites are best enjoyed with a latte or cup of tea.

We can’t wait for you to get your taste buds on these!


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