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4 Ayurvedic Tips for Winter


Winter... cold, dry, and windy; it may get very rainy or it might snow. The sunshine is lessened. From an Ayurvedic perspective, nature is preparing for hibernation mode. You may see squirrels frantically burying nuts. And you may find yourself craving more comfort foods.

Any time of transition comes with both beauty and challenge, and Ayurveda notes that the change of seasons is a common time of dis-ease. As we enter cold and flu season, it is especially important to maintain good health, and perhaps an excellent time to commit to your New Year intentions or resolutions.

Ayurveda guides us to seek opposite qualities to maintain balance. If winter has your body and mind tipping the scales towards too cold and dry, scattered and unfocused, then check out the simple tips below to help balance these qualities.

So, how can we align and regain balance?

Start with awareness. Finding alignment begins with paying attention to how you feel and what is shifting this season. Here are 4 tips for helping you observe and align in January & February:

1. Sip on Tea

An easy way to keep your energy flowing and prevent toxic build-up is to sip warm water and tea throughout the day. Ayurveda encourages the use of herbs in your water creating a tea that is infused with the power of plants. Calm & Peace Tulsi (Holy Basil) Tea is a wonderful tea to help calm a scattered or anxious mind.

2. Eat Warm, Moist, Grounding Foods

Proper digestion is the key to good health. This season calls for warm, moist foods, like soup, curry, and kitchari. Seek the grounding, comforting foods that feel like you’re getting a hug. But avoid white flour and refined sugars, which can have the opposite effect. Our Golden Milk Collection includes the Golden Milk Cookbook and features my favorite Kitchari recipe. Our Cookie Bites are free of refined sugars and make a wonderful grounding slightly sweet treat.

3. Move Your Body

Keep the inner fire alive by building stamina in heating but grounding ways such as sun salutes, standing poses, and backbends to keep the lungs and chest flowing and clear. Balance this sun energy with grounded lunar energy of forward folds and a couple of restorative poses to practice rest and stillness. Staying gently active can help as you move through the season where Kapha (congestion) starts to accumulate.

4. Commit to Self-Care

The natural energy of the New Year is a wonderful time to commit to your self-care goals. Create a morning and evening ritual that includes gratitude journaling, meditation, tongue scraping, and/or oiling up the body (abhyanga) and the nose (nasya).



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