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About Us

Our goal is raising the bar when it comes to the quality of ingredients – we are striving to deliver a healthy and genuine alternatives without compromising great flavor.


We strongly believe that food is only as good as its ingredients; this is why you will not find any form of added sugar, GMOs or preservatives in our products! 

What People Are Saying About DelighTeas

Golden Milk lattes are the latest trend around my city, and I've been on the hunt for an unsweetened version that's flavorful without being bitter.
Shannon B.

Featured on Autisn Business Women

"The more I read and learned about Ayurveda, the more I found how fascinating it is, and how it all makes so much sense. I just love it and feel very grateful to learn more and more about it every day and share the healing wisdom through DelighTeas®."

DelighTeas, inspired by the healing wisdom of Ayurveda known as the science of life.